How does BOTOX Cosmetic® work?

Ever have those moments in life where all worry gets erased? They’re brief and fleeting, but when you get them, they feel good. In between the piles of meetings, errands, bills and laundry - amidst the struggle to be a great person, Mom, wife, sister, friend, career woman - somewhere cradled in all this anxiety, are those moments where you stop to consider that yes, this is all worthwhile.

The bummer about worry though, is that it usually ends up landing square on your face. Those laugh lines? Keep ‘em. You’ve earned them. They’re a sign of a life well-lived. As for those furrows between your brow, the ones so deep you can plant corn in them? They’re the result of frowning, worrying, squinting, cussing like a sailor, and taking the weight of the world on your shoulders. Don’t like them? Tired of people saying you look stressed, exhausted and annoyed, particularly when you’re actually having a great day? Get rid of them. (The furrows, not said people who make annoying comments.) BOTOX Cosmetic® can do that for you. Keep the love. Erase the worry. In the end, it’ll still be you. Only smoother.

BOTOX Cosmetic® is the only product of its kind directed at the facial muscles that cause lines and wrinkles. It targets what are known as dynamic wrinkles – those wrinkles caused by repeated muscular contractions such as frowning and squinting. BOTOX Cosmetic®, an injectable treatment derived from a purified protein, works by relaxing the muscles that lead to these wrinkles, giving your face a more relaxed and refreshed appearance. Who doesn’t want that? You’ll have all your friends begging you to share your secret. And of course, you’ll just smile and tell them that your marital relations are extremely good. That, or blame it on your new shade of lipstick. Whatever your story, you’ll have them wanting what you have. Treatment is so quick and easy, you can have it done over the lunch hour.

So what are you waiting for? Call me to book a consultation. I’ll answer all your questions and put your mind at ease. Now some of you may be wondering, “But surely, worrying about wrinkles is a sign of vanity?” My answer to that is no. It’s not. Beauty comes from within, yes, that’s true. I liken it to having a home that radiates with love and joy. That doesn’t stop you from wanting to make repairs and upkeep to the outside of the house; fixing those dents and repairing the stucco fills you with a sense of pride. The outside reflects what’s going on inside. Feel your best. Look your best. Do your best. There’ll be no stopping you.

A history of success

Aside from use as a wrinkle treatment, BOTOX® has been in use for over 20 years for the effective treatment of many medical conditions. It’s been approved for medical use in Canada, and in more than 75 other countries, for 20 different medical applications. With an estimated three million treatments performed annually, BOTOX Cosmetic® has become the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment in North America.

Where can BOTOX Cosmetic® be used?

BOTOX Cosmetic® can be used to treat the frown lines between the eyebrows, the horizontal lines that run across the forehead, and the crow’s feet around the outer eyes.