enVy™ Pillow

enVy COPPER infused Face Masks (2) - GREY Large


Our Canadian-Made 🍁cutting edge enVy COPPER has anti-microbial properties that have been tested in a lab before washing and  AFTER 25 home washings* and shown to continue the same germ killing power: Eliminates 50% of MRSA bacteria on contact, 80% in first hour, and 99% in 24 hours!   Our face coverings are for those who embrace the reduction of single use disposable imported products entering the domestic waste stream. Our Canadian Copper technology is woven into bothprotective layers of the White TENCEL™ Fabric or Salt N Pepa (Grey) 50/50 Cotton blend of the mask.  Our masks are suitable for personal-use and is washable, re-usable and environmentally friendly. With our exclusive insanely soft SoftEar™ loops

Only 2 pieces in stock!

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