enVy™ Pillow

Envy Copper Infused Face Mask - SINGLE

Our Canadian-Made 🍁 enVy COPPER products utilize next generationCOPPER technology which has powerful anti-microbial properties  as tested using the standard AATCC-100 tested at 99.9% after 25 home washings.   This means that it was shown to eliminates 50% of MRSA bacteria on contact, 85%in first hour, and 99.9% in 24 hours as it continuously self sanitizes!  Our Canadian Copper technology is infused into ALL layers and surfaces inside and out of our natural breathable fabrics (we do not use nylon or neoprene). This cutting-edge bridging technique adheres with excellent stability and durability and most importantly allows continuous release of COPPER ions to do their germ killing job!  

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