Ever have those mornings where you look in the mirror and have no explanation for what you see? Splotches, blotches, red patches…whatever you call them, we all get them. And then to add insult to injury, you inevitably bump into that one friend with the perfect skin. You know the one. Her skin is radiant, flawless, porcelain in nature. You kind of just want to scratch it.

Well, here’s the good news! You too can have flawless-looking skin. PRIORI® is pleased to present the first and only eco-friendly, Perfecting Minerals with CoffeeBerry® extract that protects and nurtures your skin. The CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Minerals range includes foundations, an enhancer, a concealer and a finishing touch – all the products you need to naturally perfect your beauty.

CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Minerals are completely transforming. The products will help cover acne, hyper-pigmentation, rosacea, broken capillaries, freckles, sun damage, blemishes, scare, birthmarks, varicose veins, dark circles and any other unexplained blotches you may have on your face. The ingredients are so pure that they can even be used to cover and reduce redness after treatments such as chemical peels and laser resurfacing.

CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Minerals will enhance every aspect of your skin for a naturally flawless, healthy complexion with a luxurious, silky feel, revealing a look that will have people noticing! You go, girl. I’d wager a guess that your girlfriend of yours - the one with the perfect skin - may already be using it.

What are CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Minerals?

CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Minerals are 100% natural, and the first and only skin care mineral line that contains CoffeeBerry® extract, nature’s most potent anti-aging and skin lightening botanical. It’s the ultimate perfecting mineral line that protects against both dangerous free radicals and the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

It’s the most potent form of natural antioxidants tested so far, including fruit, vegetable or tea. In fact, it’s three times more potent than green tea! What merciful news for those of us who aren’t British – now you can keep your skin looking younger without guzzling vats of tea.

Why use CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Minerals?

The CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Mineral products have been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, as the best all-natural choice of mineral sun protection. On top of that, all CoffeeBerry® Natureceuticals™ are beautifully packaged in eco-friendly packaging made from biodegradable plant plastics. Now glamour, performance and sustainability are all combined in one skincare regimen. How cool is that?

PRIORI® is a leader in skin health care and the anti-aging authority. Who better to have in your cabinet? Achieve, maintain and restore your beautiful looking skin. Take good care of it - after all, you can’t replace it.